Peter-und-Paul-Kirche. Summer haze, oil and pastel on canvas, 70×60 cm, 2014

Bright and extraordinary creative work made by Sergei Bakin, made in an impressionistic manner. The city landscape is one of the central themes in the artist’s work. Here, the architectural ensemble is barely guessed in the gloomy darkness.

Objects in the picture lose their obvious outlines, heaviness and density. They dissolve and melt. Therefore, a certain feeling of the mirage and imaginary of what is happening is created – a veil of mystery appears. The artist invites his viewer to co-creation. Complex color combinations, complemented only by the outline keeps the imagination free. The canvas gives a large number of interpretations.

In the richness of pastels, which conveys the entire complex of color relations, the artist avoids open color: all shades merge into one whole, thickening the picture. The painting was made in mixed media using pastels and oil painting.

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