«Little magic horse», Bardina A, papier-mâché, tempera, Kholui

The composition was created by a talented artist from Kholui. It represent a famous Russian fairy tale. «Little Magic Horse» is a story, written by Petr Ershov. Main characters are peasant’s son Ivan the Fool, who can be found in many Russian folklore compositions, and Little Magic Horse. The little one helps Ivan to go through all the difficulties, become a Tsar and marry a beautiful Princess.

Kholui is a historical center of Russian lacquer miniature art. Traditionally, all the boxes are constructed from papier-mâché and painted with egg tempera paints.The smallest details are painted using one hair brush. As more details are shown on the box, as more valuable it is. 

Size: 13cm long, 10cm wide and 4,5cm high


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