Sergey Bakin

The story of Sergey Bakin’s artistic journey is very interesting and unusual. He is a fashion designer, his fashion shows were held in Paris and Munich, world recognized fashion capitals. The Fashion House of Yves Saint Laurent invited the artist as a leading designer. However, Sergei Bakin preferred small rehearsal halls of Alexandrinsky Theatre to the shine of fashionable catwalks. Bakin’s favourite subjects are the scenes from ballet backstage and architectural ensemble of St. Petersburg.

Wide horizontal open panoramas that dissolve in a saturated with moisture and light and aerial environment are his inspiration. These landscapes are very dynamic, unsteady and flexible.

The cityscape genre is like a creative laboratory for Bakin where he elaborates his individual artistic manner, e.g. color stains and rich scattering of cold shades.The artist works in different techniques: pastel, charcoal, oil painting and red ochre. All these artistic tools serve to create a unified image.

Bakin’s interpretation of backstage ballet continues the tradition of the world-known impressionist Edgar Degas. Airy ballet dancers are captured during their daily physical work on sharpening their dancing skills and not in the moment of their stage triumph and brilliance. Their image are full of natural beauty and elegance. The images of the ballet dancers are not iconic, they are deeply symbolic and generalized. The artist intentionally avoids the depiction of faces, focusing the viewer’s attention on the silhouettes of his models. Occasionally, the artist indicates the portrait features of the models with a thin line of a pastel chalk.

Sergey Bakin took part in more than 200 exhibitions in Russia and abroad. His art works are presented in Erarta Museum, the State Hermitage Museum, Russian Museum and in private collections all over the world.

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