Finlyandsky Bridge (Bridge in Saint-Petersburg) , pastel and oil on canvas, 50×90 cm, 2011

Bright and airy image is depicted in the painting made by Sergey Bakin. Cityscape is like artistic laboratory, where the artist creates his own manner of painting. 

Bakin depicts the city as a string of favourite places: courtyards, embankments, buildings. The city is covered with Saint-Petersburg haze. It is a place where the weather changes all the time and the city plays different colours and shades. Water and sky – are always active participants in the urban drama. The landscape itself conveys the fragility and unsteadiness of the material world.

The author masterfully mixes techniques, in which pastel, oil, charcoal and sanguine help to create a single image. The artist is devoted to the city and paints with a special inspiration and feeling.

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