A Series of Ballet.Tired Dasha. pastel and oil on canvas, 40×60 cm, 2011

The ballet theme is one of the main in the work of the famous master Sergei Bakin. However, the artist is interested in the emotions and experience of the backstage life, but not in the performances and spotlights. The artist avoids the emphasis on the personality, therefore, here, as in most of the master’s works, the dancer’s face is hidden. So the emotional impulse of the model is depicted by the artist not through the mimic of the face, but through the body language. The artist is not afraid of expression and generalization. His work is a pictorial proof of this feeling.

Bakin shows the form with a refined contour line, filled with touched-up painting. He uses pastel and oil at the same time, which help him to create the full image.

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