«Troika» Boris Shavyrin, papier-mâché, oil, Fedoskino, 2016

Landscape in the Russian lacquer miniature is a diverse and complex of native wildlife. Landscapes depicted by Boris Shavyrin render the living breath of nature. Each artist has his own image of nature. Russian Troika, a horse harness driving combination, is a very popular subjects of Russian art.

The artist used the original Fedoskino technique, when the artist puts special reflective material, like metallic powder and mother of pearl. Shining through the transparent layers of glaze paints, such linings give the image a special depth and glow effect.

Fedoskino refers more to Realism style. That is why the art work looks like the real piece of art.

Size: 14,5cm long, 11cm wide and 3,5cm high.


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