«The village» Nikolai Zotov, papier-mâché, oil, Fedoskino

Nikolay Zotov is one of the brightest and most unusual representatives of the Fedoskino school. His works, incredible in form and execution, are highly appreciated by connoisseurs and make a great impression. The main features of his works are unusual forms and silhouettes made of papier-mâché.

Nikolai Zotov was born in 1960 in the Moscow region. Graduated from the Fedoskino art-industrial school of miniature painting. He is a member of the Union of Russian Artists. Original works of the artist are presented in the Fedoskino Museum of Painting, the Russian Museum in St. Petersburg and the Museum of Applied Arts in Moscow. The main themes of the author’s works are the life of peasants and famous fairy tales.

The items made by Zotov are really exquisite and differ from other artistic works.

Size: 12cm wide, 16cm high.


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