“The tale of Tsar Saltan”, Vlasov Evgeniy, tempera, gold leaf, papier-mache, Kholui, 2019

The centres of lacquered miniature have remained faithful to fairy-tales, legends, myths and sublime poetry as the central point of their creative work. Russian literary writings, especially Alexander Pushkin’s poems, provide continuous source of diverse and talented interpretations. 

Talented artist Evgeniy Vlasov took «The tale of Tsar Saltan» as the main subject of his art work.  The story tells us about marriage of Saltan and the birth of his son Gvidon, who gets on an uninhabited island, meets the magical Swan Princess and becomes, with her help, a powerful ruler.

The miniature is very detailed, which tells as about the great professionalism and long artist’s work. Almost over the entire surface, the artist depicted plots and episodes from a famous fairy tale. The work was done with tempera, with the addition of gold leaf and metal powders.

Evgeny Vlasov was born on November 6, 1967 in the Krasnodar Region. In 1992 he graduated from the Kholui art school with honors. After his studies he worked in the workshop of the Kholui department of the Artist’s Union. Since 1992 Vlasov participates in numerous exhibitions.  His art works are now in private collections in Russia and abroad.

Size: 15cm long and 10cm high.


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