«The ballet» Emelyanov, papier-mâché, oil, Fedoskino, 2017

Ballet is inextricably linked with Russian art and often becomes the subject of papier-mâché boxes. The artist was able to convey the amazing atmosphere behind the scenes and to depict the dancers as incredibly graceful. Inspired by easel painting, the masters of the Fedoskino school created an artistic language tending to a realistic style. It is characterized by detailed volumes and silhouettes. Fedoskino miniatures are made with oil paints in three or four layers.

The technique of painting with transparent glazing paints, the brightness of which is enhanced by the contrast with the shimmering black lacquer background, the ability honed by several generations of masters to correlate the composition of painting with the shape of the item, made the works of Fedoskino miniaturists popular not only in Russia, but also in Europe.

Size: 33cm long, 22,5cm wide and 10cm high.


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