«Princess Frog», Shavyrin, papier-mâché, oil, Fedoskino, 2017

Boris Shavyrin is one of the brightest representatives of the Fedoskino school. His art works are considered as sophisticated and exclusive among  the connoisseurs. It takes at least several months to create such a quality lacquered box. The process of making is hard and requires a lot of skills and experience from the artist. Drawing is made with a one hair brush using magnifying glass. His subtitled vivid brushstrokes  absorb several shades of colour, capturing the changing moment in the fluid change light.

The artist used the original Fedoskino technique, when the artist puts special reflective material, like metallic powder and mother of pearl. Shining through the transparent layers of glaze paints, such linings give the image a special depth and glow effect.

Size: 16cm long, 7,5cm wide and 3,5cm high.


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