Matryoshka doll “Troika”

Delightful Matryoshka doll set of five pieces with the depiction of Russian landscapes and life of peasants. The subject of the first one is Russian troika – traditional harness driving combination, using three horses abreast, pulling a sleigh. This image is very symbolic for Russian art. The landscape is surrounded by huge snowdrifts – that also symbolizes one of the coldest and at the same time beautiful season in Russia – the winter.

Due to the tradition, Matryoshka doll was made of linden wood and painted with tempera and acrylic paints. Several layers of quality lacquer were put for better protection and brilliance.

The artists belong to the professional studio “White Nights”, based in St Petersburg, who are known for their unique style of painting, the ultimate sophistication and keeping best traditions. This combination makes the dolls of the “White Nights” studio so valuable.

Material: linden wood, tempera, lacquer.

Height: 14cm

Weight: 100gr


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