Matryoshka doll “Summer”

Delightful Matryoshka doll set of five hand painted pieces. Each doll portrays a young beautiful girl with flowers and fruits in her hands. We can see a nicely painted big blue eyes and curly light hair, decorated with summer flowers. Chamomiles have a special meaning – it’s a symbol of romance, youth and first love. The design also represents summer, the most flowering and sunny season of the year.

The craftsmanship is shown by tiny details and combination of colors, created using tempera and acrylic paints. Linden wood was used as a base, which is the best material for this kind of craft.

The doll was made by professional artists from the old workshops of Hotkovo town, not far from Moscow. They are known for amazing art works and quality rendition. Our gallery has been always responsible to select the best pieces for any taste and requirements of our guests.

Material: linden wood, acryl, tempera, lacquer.

Height: 9cm

Weight: 100gr


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