Matryoshka doll “Snow maiden”

Delightful, carefully hand painted, Matryoshka doll of five nice pieces. It symbolizes Russian winter the most important holiday of our country – the New Year. On this doll we see a face of a beautiful girl, known in Russia as Snow Maiden, and the episode from the fairy tale.

This exclusive art work can be an original present for Christmas or New Year.

Distinguishing feature of this art work – carved relief base, which quite original idea.

Professional artists also used linden wood as a base. The painting itself was created using tempera and acrylic paints. Several layers of lacquer will always keep it safe from time and scratches.

Artists from “Firebird studio” are creators of this beautiful doll. This workshop is well-known in Saint-Petersburg for its unique designs and high quality items. Our gallery personally selects the most unique and original art works.

Material: linden tree, tempera, lacquer.

Height: 20cm

Weight: 300gr


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