Matryoshka doll “Snow maiden”

Delightful, carefully hand painted, Matryoshka doll of five pieces. On this doll we see a face of a beautiful girl, known in Russia as Snow Maiden, wearing a warm fur coat, bright mittens and traditional Russian shawl. This exclusive art work can be an original present for Christmas or New Year.

Professional artists used linden wood as a base. The painting itself was created using tempera and acrylic paints. Several layers of lacquer will always keep it safe from time and scratches.

“Philipp” workshop is very famous in Saint-Petersburg among handicraft art community and souvenir galleries. A great experience and years of work put them on top of high quality and craftsmanship. Our gallery owns a very rare collection of the exquisite items, which are valuable and will always grow in price.

Material: linden wood, acrylic paint, tempera, lacquer, crystals.

Height:  16cm

Weight: 300gr


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