Matryoshka doll “Saint-Petersburg”

Unique Matryoshka doll set of five pieces, created by professional artists. Saint-Petersburg is a city of beautiful bridges, amazing architecture and important historical monuments. You can see famous memorable places, splendid palaces and quite streets. This doll represents some of the main Saint-Petersburg attractions: The Church of Savior on Spilled Blood, Peter and Paul fortress and open bridges.

The color spectrum was carefully created with the use of tempera and acrylic paint. This set is made of linden wood and finished with fine lacquering to show the exclusivity of its design and the sophistication of the author’s representation. Linden wood, due to its soft properties, was suitable for a perfect base.

The authors of the work are professional artists from “Philipp” studio. We select only exclusive and original items to present in our gallery.

Material: linden wood, acrylic paint, tempera, lacquer, crystals.

Height: 16cm

Weight: 200gr


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