Matryoshka doll “Saint-Petersburg”

Our gallery has selected the most beautiful big Matryoshka doll collection that can amaze any customer. One of this art works is fifteen pieces Matryoshka doll with the views of Saint-Petersburg. All the miniatures are hand painted with thin brushes and represent an architectural ensemble of the city. Here can be found the Church of the Savior on Spilled blood, Peter and Paul fortress, the monument for Peter the Great, Isaac’s Cathedral, Rostral Columns and other symbols.

The color spectrum was carefully created with the use of tempera and acrylic paints. Shine and brilliance was made using several layers of fine lacquer. Linden wood, due to its soft properties, was suitable for a perfect base.

“Russian Traditional Souvenir” studio has been always one of the best in the sphere and has developed to a big company with original and various assortments. Our gallery owns exclusive collection of items, created by the studio.

Material: linden wood, tempera, acrylic paint, lacquer.

Height: 32cm

Weight: 1500gr


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