Matryoshka doll “Saint-Petersburg”

Splendid big Matryoshka doll set of twenty hand painted pieces, created by professional artists. We are always proud of our marvelous collectable sets and glad to present all the excellence of such artistic works. It is not only the craftsmanship and virtuosity that can be noticed in the work, but also the time that a certain artist spends to create such a masterpiece.

Main subject – majestic Saint-Petersburg and its unique architecture. You can see the depictions of the Church on the Spilled blood, which one of the symbols of the city, Isaac’s Cathedral that can be seen from any point, the embankments of the Neva River and elegant palaces.

The color spectrum was meticulously created with the use of tempera and acrylic paint. Shine and brilliance was made using several layers of natural lacquer.

Talented professional artists from “Russian Traditional Souvenir” are authors of this work. This successful studio has been always one of the best in the sphere and has developed to a big company with original and various assortments. Our gallery owns exclusive amazing items, created by the studio.

Material: linden wood, tempera, acrylic paint, lacquer.

Height: 41cm

Weight: 3100gr


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