Matryoshka doll “Saint-Petersburg”

Amazing Matryoshka doll set of five hand crafted pieces. It is painted in the style of gorodets painting, which is one of the folk arts of Russia, and a phenomenon of the so-called naive art. Saint-Petersburg theme was taken as a subject of the doll. It depicts main attractions of the city: the Church of the Savior on Blood and Peter and Paul Fortress.

According to the standards, Matryoshka doll was made of linden wood and painted with tempera and acrylic paints. Several layers of quality lacquer were put for perfect protection and nice brilliance.

The doll was created in a young famous workshop “Firebird”, based in Saint-Petersburg. This nice studio is remarkable for its bright detailed art works and unique modern designs.

Material: linden wood, tempera, lacquer, crystals.

Height: 18cm

Weight: 300gr


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