Matryoshka doll “Princess Frog”

Our gallery owns an admirable collection of the museum quality Matryoshka dolls sets that can fit a big number of handcrafted dolls. This is one of the bright examples – an amazing Matryoshka doll of thirty pieces handmade in professional studio.

Its subject – famous fairy tale “Princess Frog”. It happened that Ivan Tsarevich had to marry a frog, but it turned out into a beautiful Princess who was under the spell. Such a doll can be a marvelous and unordinary gift and fit any collection of arts.

According to the tradition there were three painters – one painted the face, another – the beautiful patterned shawl, and the third one designed the “belly”, the subject of the doll. Artists used tempera and acrylic paint, gold leaf, decorations with crystals and best quality lacquer. All the process of making took not less than few months.

“Russian Traditional Souvenir” studio has been always one of the best in the art sphere and has developed into a big company with original and quality items. Our gallery owns exclusive and one of a kind pieces, created by the studio.

Material: linden wood, tempera, acrylic paint, lacquer.

Height: 33cm

Weight: 2100gr


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