Matryoshka doll “Fall”

Splendid Matryoshka doll set including five pieces made by professional artists. The set represents one of the works from “Four seasons” series. Fall in Russia has an image of amazing landscapes, covered with golden leaves and bright colors. The doll was created in red-orange tones that represent all the shades of fall.

This exquisite set of Matryoshka dolls is made of linden wood and finished with fine lacquering to emphasize the exclusivity of its design and the sophistication of the author’s representation.

The doll was made by best artists from the old workshops of Hotkovo town. They are known for sumptuous art works and quality rendition. They also have been worked for many years already, and became popular among souvenir art galleries. We could manage to get a valuable collection of their works, that everyone can choose something for their taste.

Material: linden wood, acryl, tempera, lacquer.

Height: 9cm

Weight: 100gr


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