Matryoshka doll “Fairy tale Little Magic Horse”

We are very proud of our big Matryoshka doll collection and always glad to present it to our guests. It is not only the craftsmanship and virtuosity of the brush that can be noticed in the work, but also the time that a certain artist spends to create such an amazing item.

“Little Magic Horse” is a Russian fairy tale, written by Petr Ershov. Main characters are peasant’s son Ivan the Fool, who can be found in many Russian folklore compositions, and Little Magic Horse. The little one helps Ivan to go through all the difficulties, become a Tsar and marry a beautiful Princess.

The doll is made of high quality linden wood, which keeps its shape for a very long time and never cracks. It is painted with the use of tempera and acrylic paint and given perfect lacquer finish.

This beautiful set was created by the artists from “Tradition” studio. Authentic design and personal artistic manner have been always peculiar for the art workshop.

Material: linden wood, tempera, acrylic paint, lacquer.

Height: 37cm

Weight: 2250gr


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