Matryoshka doll “Faberge Egg”

Collectable unique design, created by young professional artists of “Firebird” studio, who are famous for progressive method and creativity, but with traditional standards of manufacturing.

The design of this doll was inspired by world famous Carl Faberge Jewelry Company. It was well-known for creation of the unique pieces of art for the Imperial Family. The most famous were Faberge eggs, made of precious stones, gold, silver and enamel.

This amazing doll represents five eggs, created for the Imperial family : Coronation egg, Lilies of the Valley, Rosebud, Rose Trellis and Pine Cone.

The artists used high-quality linden wood, and painted after with tempera paint and decorated it with crystals.
Material: linden tree, tempera, lacquer, crystals.

Height: 16cm

Weight: 100gr


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