Matryoshka doll “Empress”

The real pearl of our collection is five pieces exquisite Matryoshka doll “Empress”. The design was inspired by splendid royal balls and fluffy luxury dresses of Russian Empresses. As the result of this masterly work we can see: decorations with Swarovski crystals, detailed folds, used only best materials.

The work belongs to the “Fire-bird” studio. Our gallery owns a very rare collection of the exquisite items, which are valuable and will always grow in price. Such a doll can be highly appreciated by the connoisseurs and become a marvelous and unordinary gift.

Perfect materials were spent for the creation of the doll from the linden wood base to the fine lacquer finishing.

Material: linden wood, acryl, tempera, lacquer, crystals.

Height: 18cm

Weight: 220gr


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