Matryoshka doll “Cinderella”

The museum quality five pieces doll, hand painted in tiny details. Its subject – a famous and romantic fairy tale “Cinderella”. Everything on this doll makes you have a feeling of a real art work as everything is detailed and painted with professionalism – beautiful faces, folds of costumes, accent colors.

Artists used tempera and acrylic paints and covered the doll with several layers of lacquer. The smallest details were made with the help of one hair brush.

Sometimes the items look like the real pieces of art. You can notice a lot of delicate work and craftsmanship, spent during the creation of a certain piece. Artists from a little town of Hotkovo, in the Moscow region, produce such kind of exclusive souvenirs. Our gallery owns a very rare collection of the exquisite items, which are valuable and will always grow in price.

Material: linden wood, acryl, tempera, lacquer.

Height: 16cm

Weight: 200gr


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