Matryoshka doll “Ballet”

Our gallery owns a very special collection of valuable big Matryoshka doll sets. Only best and eminent workshops produce such kind of museum quality art works. One of them is an amazing thirty pieces Matryoshka doll. This doll symbolizes the beauty and grace of a charming dance. Russian ballet is known all over the world. Famous spectacles are performed on all big stages and great amount of visitors come every year to Russia to admire.

The color spectrum was carefully created with the use of tempera and acrylic paint. This exquisite set of Matryoshka dolls is made of linden wood and finished with fine lacquering to show the exclusivity of its design and the sophistication of the author’s representation. Linden wood, due to its soft properties, was suitable for a perfect base.

The doll can take a precious place in private collection and become a perfect gift for connoisseurs.

“Russian Traditional Souvenir” studio is one of the best in the sphere and has developed into a big company with original and various assortments and items. Our gallery owns special collection with great significance, created by the studio.

Material: linden wood, tempera, acrylic paint, lacquer.

Height: 34cm

Weight: 1900gr


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