«Lukomorie», Vlasov Evgeniy and Vlasova Svetlana, gold leaf, tempera, papier-mâché, Kholui, 2019

Unique artistic work made by one of the best artists of the Kholui school Evgeniy and Svetlana Vlasovy. 

The centres of lacquered miniature have remained faithful to fairy-tales, legends, myths and sublime poetry as the central point of their creative work. Russian literary writings, especially Alexander Pushkin’s poems, provide continuous source of diverse and talented interpretations. Here the artists also choose the plot from Pushkin’s «Russian and Ludmila». They depicted Lukomorie- a mystery place in the end of the world, often mentioned in the East Slavic mythology.

The miniature is very detailed, which tells us about the great professionalism and long artist’s work. Almost over the entire surface, the artist depicted plots and episodes from a famous fairy tale. The work was done with tempera, with the addition of gold leaf and metal powders.

Size: 16cm long, 13cm wide and 10cm high.


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