“Coronation egg”, brass, crystals, cold enamel.

An exclusive copy of the coronation egg, which represents a jewelry egg created by Carl Faberge Company for the imperial family. The egg was made to commemorate Tsarina, Empress Alexandra Fyodorovna. 

Its creators were Mikhail Perkhin, Henrik Wigstrom and Georg Stein, who made a miniature copy of the coronation carriage. The egg was made for celebration of the coronation ceremony of Nicholas II, the last Russian Emperor. It is created using colored gold, yellow and black enamel, diamonds and velvet.

It is currently owned by Viktor Vekselberg and is frequently on exhibition at The Faberge Museum in St. Petersburg, Russia.

The egg, presented in our gallery, was made in a smaller size from brass, cold enamel and crystals. The artists created a kind of a music box, with carriage playing Swan Lake by Tchaikovskiy. The original color is gold, but we have different variety of colors, like this blue one.

Size: 10 high, 6 wide

Weight: 420 gr


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