“Bay Tree”, brass, crystals, cold enamel.

Detailed exquisite copy of a famous Faberge egg “Bay Tree”. Imperial original egg was made of gold, covered with white green enamel and decorated with rubies, nephritis, amethysts, diamonds, pearls and onyx. It was made as an Easter gift for Mariya Fedorovna mother of Nicolas II, in 1911.

Its surprise is a mechanical bird that can turn its head, open its beak, sing and flap its wings.

The egg is now part of the Victor Vekselberg Collection, owned by The Link of Times Foundation and placed in the Fabergé Museum in Saint Petersburg, Russia. The egg, presented in our gallery, was made in a bigger size from brass, cold enamel and crystals. The artists created a kind of a music box, playing Swan Lake by Tchaikovskiy.

Size: 25cm high, 15cm wide

Weight: 1,9 kg


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