All-round Matryoshka doll “The Tale of Tsar Saltan”

Collectable ten pieces Matryoshka doll, created in an unusual design. All-round
painting helps to show more details, especially when it’s a depiction of the whole
story. This type of manufacturing is widely spread today.

“The tale of Tsar Saltan” is a fairy-tale by the most famous Russian poet Alexander
Pushkin. It’s a golden classic of Russian literature. The story tells us about Prince
who meets Princess Swan. She helps him to become the most powerful man in the

The doll is made of high-quality linden wood, which is traditionally used for such type
of crafts. Matryoshka is painted with tempera and acrylic paint and covered with
several layers of lacquer, for better protection.

The unique design was created by young professional artists of “Firebird” studio, who
are famous for modern unusual ideas and creativity.

Material: linden wood, tempera, lacquer.



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