Vladimir Kozhevnikov

Vladimir Kozhevnikov’s creative work continues the impressionist line in Russian landscape painting. Wide-open spaces of his homeland and bright coloration of Russian life have captivated the artist’s heart.

Kozhevnikov is attracted by Russian village on the edge of the North with its exotics. Using large brushstrokes and pastose technique, he creates a beautiful story about Russian North. It’s very important to mention that he searches for individual approach and new ways of artistic expression for each scene he depicts. The artist strives to describe the image as passionately and as accurately as it is possible. His bold and infallible hand creates large silhouettes that are very varied in shape and color.

Kozhevnikov is a traditionalist. He opposes the innovative transformation of artistic language; he uses traditional tools such as brush, palette knife and oil paints. His whole work is devoted to generalization and creation of a bright and integral image of Russian nature.

Vladimir Kozhevnikov participated in many Russian and international exhibitions.

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