Tuman Zhumabaev

Tuman Zhumabaev (1962-2020) was one of the most talented and popular modern painter of Russia. He was born in in the village of Karasu, Kirghizia. Since 1983 artist has been participated in a great number of exhibitions around the country and abroad. As the most talented artist of Russia, Tuman was invited to hold an exhibition at the Museum of Modern art in Guangzhou city as a part of “Days of Russian Culture” in China in the end of 2013.

A gifted draughtsman began his studies in the Artistic college named after V.
Serov in Leningrad in 1981, where fundamental art techniques have always been well thought.
Later in 1991, Tuman finished his studies at St. Petersburg Academy of Fine
Arts, also known as the Repin Art Academy. Tuman studied in a workshop under direction of Y.M. Neprintsev.

Artist’s worked in impressionist style combining decoration and real color drama. Tuman`s paintings are full of passion, feelings and spirits. He revived the traditional style of painting with his own distinctive intonation and unique artistic value. Tuman painted three classical forms – portrait, landscape and still life. The main themes in his works are the beauty of the water, flowers and the magnificence of a female body.

His works are in private collections of Russian president Vladimir Putin,
President`s advisers, ect. Paintings are in Russia, USA, China, Austria, France,
Germany, Finland, UK, etc.

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