Sergei Lyakhovich

Sergei Lyakhovich’s creative work is inextricably linked with St. Petersburg
where he has found the source of inspiration. Lyricism, frankness of feelings and clear serene attitude to his beloved city run through his canvases. The image of Saint-Petersburg in Lyakhovich’s works is generalized, it’s a concentration of impressions, highlighting the essential moments.

Before starting his work on a canvas, he draws lots of sketches and chooses the
right spot. Only when the artist is sure that the conception of the painting is found he starts to work on the painting.

He works in the impressionist technique. The works are made with large and tiny brushstrokes that convey the instantaneous impression. Artist’s Saint-Petersburg is very bright and friendly. Sergei’s artistic manner is very lively and dynamic. His works are a wonderful memory of the days spent in Saint-Petersburg.

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