Robert Mif

Robert Mif was born in Kazan, but all his artistic life is in Saint Petersburg and devoted to this city. The paintings by Mif are full of transparent haze. In his sceneries of Saint Petersburg we see drops of rain, dampness and moisture of Northern nature, silver leaves, sadness and daydreaming. Mif creates sceneries of spirits.

There is no sunshine in his city but it’s still bright. Multicolored roofs of different buildings with constantly changing sky are the main subject of his canvases full of lyricism. The perspective the artist chooses for his landscapes is very unusual. The audience admires St. Petersburg from the bird’s – eye view. The illusory and romantic city amazes everyone who falls into its arms.

The artist pays special attention to the architectural appearance of the city, the classic features of the old buildings are in compositional focus of his works. As an architect, Mif combines the austerity of special decisions with vivid and spontaneous brushstrokes.

Robert Mif participated in great amount of exhibitions in Russia and in Finland.

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