Oleg Kulikov

Oleg Kulikov is a modern artist from St. Petersburg. He created his own artistic
language to express his own ideology. The artist is seeking for space that lays between abstract world (expressed in stretched textured strokes) and objective world (symbols and signs, expressed in real forms). The characters in the paintings by Oleg Kulikov are very generalized and laconic. Artist’s naïve art can be explained by his adoration of archaic and primitive cultures. He creates his pseudo-archaic language and he intentionally chooses wax to express it. It is easy to leave cuts, marks, script sand signs on wax.
The stylistics of Kulikov’s work reminds us of the artistic manner of the master of Netherlands landscape painting from the Renaissance period, Pieter Bruegel

All the works by Oleg Kulikov are marked by rich color spectrum. Great importance is given to the encaustic technique by the artist. The wax plays an important role in this technique; it gives the palette a special depth and luminosity at the same time. He got acquainted with this ancient technique in Canada where he lived for a long time.

Kulikov participated in different exhibitions in Canada, France, Russia, USA and Latvia.

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