Mikhail Kondratiev

Mikhail Kondratiev devoted his creative work to Saint Petersburg and to its different and beautiful streets. Depicting the city, the artist pays special attention to the old buildings. The regal facades of the buildings keep echoes of former imperial grandeur.

The artist depicts instant episodes of the city life: rainy pavement reflecting the lights of the lanterns, shadows of passing cars, spontaneous change of St. Petersburg’s weather. Kondratiev skilfully uses glaze putting one pictorial layer above another. The painting becomes light and graceful, almost transparent as watercolour paintings.

Working on a painting, the artist uses a lot of different tools and materials such as
brushes, oil paints and silvery powder which is not very typical. This powder gives
his paintings inner luminescence.

Kondratiev participated in a great number of exhibitions in Paris and Italy. His art works are in galleries and private collections in Russia and abroad.

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