Larissa Akhmadeeva

Larissa Akhmadeeva is a prolific artist who lives and works in Saint-Petersburg. Despite her young age, Akhmadeeva successfully exhibits her works at many well-known exposition halls in Russia and abroad.

Ballet and cityscapes are interlaced as two main themes of her works.

Painting the city views, she does not focus on the instantaneity of captured impression but on her personal emotional experience. On Akhmadeeva’s canvases, surrounding reality is shown through her own ideology, her personal view of the world. Her city sceneries are always filled with images of her hometown.

Every painting by Akhmadeeva is deeply individual; each scenery is full of her personal lyrical mood.

The works of this artist are dedicated to Saint-Petersburg, distinguished by the expressivity of pictorial and coloristic solution. Her works preserve freshness and spontaneity of an etude.

The main techniques that characterize the individual style of the artist are a free-flowing spot, a muffled stroke, a cursory dark line, large color spots and bold contrasts.

Her approach to the ballet theme is also very specific. She doesn’t show the stage world of beauty and charm. She depicts world hidden from the audience, the backstage life with its fears, emotions and contradictions.

The art works, created by Akhmadeeva were presented at the exhibitions in Saint-Petersburg, Helsinki, France and Italy.

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