Kremer Alexander

Alexander Kremer belongs to the traditional Russian realistic school of landscape painting.
Among the brightest representatives of this school we can recall the following world-known
artists: I. Shishkin, A. Kuindzhi, I. Levitan. Kremer continues to develop many of the motifs and
themes that were present in the creative work of the famous artists mentioned above. The
central themes in his creative work are forest, field and moonlit night.
Love to the forest with its powerful and majestic forms from Shishkin; moonlight, mysticism
and illusiveness from the creative work of Kuindzhi; lyrical and musical atmosphere of evening
sceneries from the masterpieces by Levitan.
Expressiveness and originality of the artist’s works are achieved through the harmony of colors.
The paintings are distinguished with a combination of different artistic methods, impressionistic
and realistic. On the one hand, in his works, the artist uses a broad brushstroke, a flexible play
of light and shadow; on the other hand, he pays great attention to the detailed drawing of
individual silhouettes. Combining these two different artistic methods, the artist manages to
convey different texture of objects in the best way.
Alexander Kremer is member of State Union of Russian Artists. The works by Kremer are on
high demand and are held in private collections in Finland, The Czech Republic, Germany,
France, etc.

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