Egor Robenko

Egor Robenko was born in Leningrad, in 1977. He was brought up in a very creative family. His paintings, on the other hand, are marked by decorative textured techniques and, on the other hand, by scale of associative thinking. The images created by Egor Robenko are gentle, positive and timeless.

The pieces of art engraved into gilded layer with the finest needle are the pearl of our collection. This technique called Eglomise originates from the old gravures of 18th-19th century. Most of the art historians believe that this technique dates back to Ancient Rome. Then it reappears in 19th century: it is used for luxuriant decoration of altars, cists, etc.

The artist changes the original technique of engraving by mixing it with oil painting (he uses gold leaf and oil paints in his work).The process of creation of his masterpieces is very delicate and laborious. The artist has to scratch the whole picture without ripping the gold leaf. It took Egor Robenko more than 15 years to restore the technique of the old masters and to develop his own creative manner. Having changed the technique of Eglomise, he approved himself not only as a talented art conservator but also as a self-sufficient artist striving for creative search.

Like many other artists, Egor is attracted by cityscapes of the North Capital. He is especially inspired by the buildings of Petrine Baroque with their strict facades and laconic architectural forms. His works are unique! They combine the gentle tones of the oil painting and a very accurate drawing engraved into gilded layer. We are very proud to have the exclusive right to represent the work of Egor Robenko in our gallery.

His works were presented at the exhibitions in Russia and in Finland.

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