Dmitriy Yakovin

Dmitriy Yakovin is one of the most unusual artists of our gallery. The style of his works doesn’t have a single definition: Russian art historians describe it as “Microrealism” and American art historians define it as a “Fantastic Realism” or “Ironic Surrealism”.

His works are a picturesque story about a fictional world, created by the artist himself. His fictional world is inhabited with creatures that remind the viewer of dwarfs. They are smiley, open and kind. Microscopic reality, where each character is busy with his own affairs or hobby, is a parallel to our human reality.

The artist himself is perceived as a stage director and his characters as puppets. Even the costumes that the characters wear are bright and theatrical. The artist seems to blur the boundaries between illusion and reality. His artistic manner is academic and his painting is smooth.

Everyone who has ever seen the works by this artist impressed by his scrupulous work on every single detail. The artistic language of Dmitry Yakovin is very unusual. He uses the academic technique to create his own magical work.

The art works, made by Dmitriy Yakovin are in private collections in Russia and abroad, in the mansions of movie stars and musicians. He also created a special series of paintings for the residence of the president Vladimir Putin.

The artist’s works were exhibited in the USA, UK and Russia

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