Dmitriy Ermolov

Dmitriy Ermolov is a talented artist from Saint-Petersburg. His creative work is characterized by stylistic diversity regarding the tradition of the Russian school of painting. The artistic language of the painter combines both refined aesthetics of Russian art of the 19th century and the expressive decorativeness of the works of the 20th century.

There are two central motifs, the city and allegorical theme of flowers, in the creative work of Dmitriy Ermolov.
The artist works in a “wet” technique, vigorously putting smears of various shades on the canvas. The abundance of the colors fills the paintings with a specific musicality and tone. In his landscapes, the artist depicts not only St. Petersburg but also Venice, the city that is often compared to the North Capital of Russia.

Creating his masterpieces, the artist uses different tools, some of them are traditional, e.g. brushes and spatula, and some of them are not (different fabrics and textures). These uncommon tools allow the artist to create very unusual visual effects on his canvases.

Apart from beautiful landscapes, gorgeous bouquets of roses, tulips and peonies bloom from the paintings by Ermolov.

Each of flower compositions is identified with certain character: strong and gentle, energetic and graceful. To highlight the main depicted trait, the artist focuses the viewer’s attention on this trait with the means of artistic expression.

Dmitriy Ermolov was exhibited in London, Singapore, Seoul and Saint-Petersburg

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