Armen Gasparyan

The paintings by Armen Gasparyan are reflection of forgotten hymn, ancient symphony, splinter of eternity. If you compare his canvases with music then it will certainly be a very old French melody, touching and lyric playing on the most delicate strings of human soul.
Armen is a post-modernist artist. In his painting, there is a dialogue between cultures. His brush fuses together the reminiscences of Venetian motifs and Biblical plots, soft shadows and mysterious smiles by Leonardo, the world of fantasy creatures and organic forms of Hans Giger, captivating circus by Picasso with its lyricism. The main compositional method in the paintings is the method of collage. This method allows the artist to create a parallel between the real world and the world of dreams and memories. The images are romanticized and deeply symbolic. Diverse spatial position of these images on the canvas helps the viewer to realize the philosophical core of the work, which appeals to the unconscious, in contrast to the works of the artists of the Renaissance.
There are two main themes in the creative work of the artist: Venetian Carnival and Biblical Babylon. In his canvases, they are interchangeable and inseparably linked with each other.
The colorful suite of details, bright local spots, crimson and scarlet colors, inclusions of old gold and black accents give an impression of carnival extravaganza and theatrical festivity. In contrast to external iridescence, the faces of main characters are mysteriously sad and concentrated.
Individual images created by the painter show that Gasparyan managed to find his own artistic language combining the traditions of classical art the search for a new plastic form.
The art works were presented on different exhibitions from all over the world. He was exhibited in Switzerland, Belgium, Italy, Netherlands, Russia.

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