Andrey Smirnov

The works by Saint-Petersburg artist Andrey Smirnov are very close to the movement called “Modern” that was very popular in the beginning of 20th century. Great influence on the artist’s creative method was rendered by world famous artists such as Munch, Whistler and Klimt. Laconic and bright works by Smirnov are full of modern spirit and amazing decorative elements that will perfectly fit into the interiors of any house.
The artist often uses contrasting colors (red, black, white) and bold rough lines; these are the main traits of his individual style in painting. In addition to the traditional artistic tools, the artist uses silvering and gilding elements, creating a fancy play of shapes and colors. The main theme of his work is ballet and many of his works are dedicated to it. Smirnov is inspired by female grace and coquettishness.
Mysterious and enigmatic ballet dancers watch the viewer playfully from the artist’s canvases. His style is very difficult to describe. The artist skillfully plays with both objective and abstract combination of geometric spots. Therefore, the canvases by Smirnov are on the periphery of realistic and non-figurative art.
The artist was exhibited in the art galleries of Saint-Petersburg, Moscow, Paris, Hamburg, Amsterdam and Florence.

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