Andrey Selenin

Andrey Selenin is considered to be one of the most promising and extraordinary artists. His personal exhibition was in the State Duma of the Russian Federation.

Andrey’s work continues the tradition of the Russian school of impressionism. His brush is very bold, the brushstroke is wide, the colours are clear, bright. This is what typical for the Russian line of impressionism.

Before moving to Saint-Petersburg and entering the Academy of arts, Selenin grew up in Crimea. In the same place the painter graduated from art school. The nature of South played a decisive role in the formation of the artist’s manner of painting and the imaginative series of his works.

Andrey often paints the sea, rocks, small and cozy houses, the flowering of nature. Most of his works are imbued with sunlight, and his favourite seasons are spring and summer.

In addition to the colourful Crimean landscapes, the artist is inspired by
beauty and splendour of the native land, in his canvases you can often see Russian medieval architecture: towers and white stone churches.

The main distinguishing feature of Andrey’s works (in addition to the characteristic manner performance) is an unusual panoramic composition. Almost all the canvases are stretched horizontally. This technique helps to make the work more informative and to create the visual effect of the viewer’s imaginary presence.

Andrey Selenin’s creativity was highly appreciated by art historians and art critics who admitted the high talent of the master.

Works are kept in private collections in Russia, China, USA, Great Britain, Germany and other countries.

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