Anastasia Bazanova

Beauty and silence reign in the world of Anastasia Bazanova’s paintings, a young artist from St. Petersburg. She graduated St. Petersburg Academy of Fine Arts, the Faculty of Graphic design.
Soft and warm light runs through all her canvases. This light emphasizes and highlights the main heroines of her artistic narration. The artist depicts her characters without any defects. Their perfect shapes, fine-featured faces, grace and naturalness attract the viewer’s attention. They are so committed that their captivating images may be compared with ancient Greek Statues.
The images created by A. Bazanova are an ideal of femininity and beauty. To reflect and to enhance the main idea of the series of works the artist resorts to the contrast of light and shade, local color spots, and a smooth style of painting.
Bazanova’s technique traces back to the style of painting widely spread in the beginning of 20th century among Italian artists of neorealism and as well as among Russian painters Y.Pimenova and A.Dayneki. The artists of that time were affirming humanistic principles and the significance of simple values of life by their art. These ideas are shown in Bazanova’s works. She portrays women while they dress up; make their toilets admiring them in these intimate moments.
Certainly, the paintings by Anastasia Bazanova, correspond to the spirit of our times, while being a tribute to the pictorial tradition of the preceding century.

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