Alexander Volkov

 Alexander Volkov is a modern artist from St. Petersburg. His works combine elements of abstract and subject art. The paintings by Alexander Volkov are distinguished by the merging of several textures, graphic rhythms, compositions and colors.

Famous modernists of XX century such as Henri Matisse and Vincent Van Gogh had a huge impact on the artist. We also have to mention the Japanese painting Ukiyo-e.  

Today’s city with its dynamics, speed and play of light are frozen in Alexander Volkov’s paintings. Bright colors of the traffic lights and other road signs, trams, busses, trains won’t let the viewers have any doubts that they are on the streets of the modern Northern Capital of Russia.

On his canvases, the bustle of traffic is expressed in enchanting, dynamic lines, light and shadow play, contrasting spots of gray and green.

The painter uses very remarkable artistic methods. For example, there is a layer with abrupt lines and flourish, this layer is located under the picturesque layer. The second layer gives the paintings by Volkov special decorative traits.

Each fragment of the painting is considered as an individual piece of art because there is nothing odd or occasional.

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