Matryoshka doll “Morozko”

Collectable ten pieces graceful doll, made by professional artists. 

The design of this doll represents a famous Russian Fairy tale “Morozko”. It’s a story about frozen girl and the lord of the winter, who rewards hardworking and polite people, and helps them in hard moments of life.

The doll is made of high-quality linden wood, which keeps its shape for a long while. It is hand painted by tempera and decorated with gold leaf, then covered with shiny lacquer.

The art work was made in the old and well-known handicraft studio “Philipp”, based in St Petersburg. Their artists created their own recognizable style, keeping the old tradition of manufacturing at the same time. Distinguishing features of the studio are bright combinations of colors, detailed patterns of shawls, decorations with crystals and soft faces.

Material: linden wood, acrylic paint, tempera, lacquer.

Height: 23cm


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